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La Pieve

"Plebis S. Johannes de Ballatorio" farm, later simply called "Pieve", was founded in the 9th century by Benedictine monks who lived there until the 13th century, when the farm was sold to a noble family. The Petri family has owned the farm since 1954, enhancing its potential for hospitality and renovating the old farmhouses to create a beautiful farm holiday resort. Thus, it was possible to develop and enhance local food and wine production, still preserving the farming culture.

New Oil Mill

Oil Mill

"La Pieve" oil mill has been producing olive oil since 1956, employing only local olives from the Grosseto district (Tuscan Maremma). In 2002 the oil produced by the farm obtained he organic certificate...

New Wine Cellar

Wine Cellar

The farm 's Wine Cellar treats grapes coming exclusively from the La Pieve farm itself. As with the best Tuscan tradition, the production and processing of grapes have always been part of the Petri...