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"La Pieve" farm, entirely owned by the Petri family for over 50 years, is an example of development of agricultural activity by means of a modern system that is coherent with current food farming and environmental policies. Since the 1990s, the development of the farm has focused on oil and wine through high quality production methods and, at the same time, the renovation of the old farmhouses: the aim was to create a tourist resort and meet customers' needs and requests right on the

production site. Investments have been made on facilities and machinery that, above all, meet international standards of safety and hygiene regulations in order to realize state-of-the-art technology, organization and logistics. The farm's activity is based on sectors organized according to a horizontal system that controls the sectors themselves, quality and processing phases, bringing advantages to final products' users both in terms of product and service. In the last 10 years the farm has engaged in the preservation of the environment through the reforestation of land which was no more useful to agriculture, and the realization of renewable energy sources producing 1000 mw a year.